Coaching for the rider

A suitable training program is necessary for any rider to be successful. The training program aims to improve the skills of the rider- not only in the practical part of jumping, but also to supervise them in the management of competitions and events. Together with his students Thomas Weinberg elaborates individual training schedules, adjusted to every individual lesson, each month and finally to a whole year. There will be feedback discussions on regular intervals, to define the targets for horses and riders correspondingly.

These are basic preconditions for a career in jumping:

  • Professional management
  • Suitable combination for rider and horse
  • Performance orientated planning of competitions
  • Mental fitness of horse and riders
  • (Self)confidence
  • (Self)control
  • Concentration

To be able to fulfill all these preconditions it is necessary to implement a systematic training program.

This is what Thomas Weinberg can offer you!

In case you will stay on Thomas Weinberg's yard for training you will compete on national and international shows, coached and supervised by him. During the warm-up, analyzing the course or reflecting on the rounds.


Coaching for the horse

Buying and having a young horse is an investment: a future based on competitive performance on the one hand, but also a good capital investment on the other. For this reason the right management becomes instrumental in building the correct foundations for success. 

In his work Thomas Weinberg specializes in educating horses, this is why he would be glad to assist you in developing an optimal support program for your horse. On his yard the horses will be trained under ideal circumstances and a first-class and professional management. It is also possible that the horses will be ridden on national and international shows. A further advantage: Thomas Weinberg can also assist you with the decision to sell the horse on.