Purchase of horses

Thomas Weinberg is always looking for good horses - from young and talented ones to successful horses in advanced classes or Grand Prix. The purchase of a horse depends on a variety of factors and can be handled individually. Various sales channels are possible - from a straight purchase to deals on a commission basis.

Thomas Weinberg is also constantly looking for good horses with the potential to compete successfully on an international level. These horses can later be sold on, too. Please contact Thomas Weinberg and his team if you think you have a particularly good horse. 

Together with his team, Thomas Weinberg will find the best possible conditions to purchase a horse - or sell it on your behalf. You'll find more information under "General Terms and Conditions".


Thomas Weinberg is happy to assist you when you are looking for a suitable horse to buy. He always has a wide choice of talented jumping horses of all schooling levels in his stable. In case the suitable horse for you is not in his own selection he can assist you in finding the right horse for you elsewhere. All his own horses compete regularly on national and international shows.

Selling means trusting

Apart from purchasing horses myself, I will also gladly assist you in the sale of your horse. Due to my customer contacts, I can guarantee a constantly high demand for good horse. If you're interested in selling a horse, these are the steps:

1. The horse has to be observed by me personally either at my stable or through a video or DVD. In an evaluation after that we both need to find a market value of the horse.
2. If the evaluation seems realistic, a full veterinary examination including x-rays has to be made. 
3. If the horse is healthy it will then be transferred into my stable to be sold.

Using this procedure, my clients and I have achieved very good results that have satisified both parties.

If you're interested in more information, please get in touch with me:

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